The Headaches are Over!

Verify I-9 has helped thousands of employers and employees complete Form I-9, correctly and legally, since 2007. We offer two low-cost solutions to employees; both of which can help you return a completed form to your employer within a couple of hours.

Phone-supervised solution for new hires

We provide step-by-step instructions to complete Section 1. Then, during a quick 15-minute phone call that you schedule at your convenience, our Form I-9 Specialist will complete Section 2 with you, correctly and legally. You can return the form directly to your employer or we can review the completed form and send it to your employer for you via our secure server. Cost: $50 – $65

'Do It Yourself' Form I-9

The DIY Form I-9 “course” provides step-by-step instructions for completing Section 1; finding the person to act as your employer’s representative; and guides that person to complete Section 2, correctly and legally. The course includes printable instructions to assist a Notary Public in completing the form. This solution does not include phone-supervised completion nor a review by a Verifyi9 Form Specialist. (The DIY FAQ) Cost: $25

Form I-9 is a federal employment form that your new employer must use to verify that you are authorized to work in the United States. To be completed correctly and legally, Section 2 of the form be completed in a face-to-face meeting with you during which the employer or their representative must view your identification documents and describe them on the form. An incorrect or illegally-completed form can subject your employer to fines in the thousands of dollars if discovered in a government audit. Fortunately, the form rules allow the employer to authorize anyone to fulfill their responsibilities. The services below leverage form rules to complete the form legally but also correctly.

Choose the Phone-supervised option if:

  • Your employer has placed no restrictions on how you complete the form; and
  • You are looking for the quickest and easiest way to get this done; or
  • Your employer has directed you here and will reimburse the cost of our service.

Choose the DIY solution if:

  • You need to minimize your cost and are confident you can complete the form correctly; or
  • Your employer requires that you complete the form with a Notary Public; or
  • Your employer requires that you complete the form with a stranger.