About Our `Complete by Phone` Option

About our 'complete by phone' solution

When you request service, we immediately send an email to your new hire to introduce us and explain how the process will move forward. We instruct the employee to:

  • complete Section 1 (we provide a copy of Form I-9);
  • select the identification documents that she will present (we provide the “Lists of Acceptable Documents); 
  • identify the person from her circle of friends, family, and acquaintances who will act as your “Authorized Representative.” We require the individual to be an adult and, obviously, not the employee herself;
  • with the authorized representative physically present, call to speak with a Verifyi9 I-9 Specialist.

The phone call

The Authorized Representative is guided by a verify i-9 form i-9 specialist during a phone call.The employee can call us at her convenience, within our call center hours. Our form specialist will:

  • confirm that the new hire and the authorized representative are together, face to face;
  • review page 1 with the new hire;
  • confirm with the representative that the identification documents are original, unexpired, from the lists of acceptable documents, and appropriate for the employee’s citizenship status and any special employment status;
  • guide the representative to complete Section 2 and the Certification section.

We tell the Authorized Representative exactly what to write in each required field on page 2.

Form and document return

When you schedule service, you will choose how you want the form and identification documents returned to you upon completion:

  • Employee return — The employee will return the completed form and ID directly to you. The service request form allows you to enter return instructions that are provided to the employee at the conclusion of the call.
  • Review and return — The employee is instructed to upload the completed form and copies of identification documents to our secure server. We will review and provide you with a secure link from which you can download the files.
  • Onboarding portal — We will notify you when the verification has been completed on your portal.


We will update you at various points in the process:

  • Phone call completed — We will notify you as soon as the call with your new hire has concluded.
  • No contact with employee — We will ask you for your assistance if, after two reminders the employee has not responded to us; or if the employee has not returned completed files after two reminders to do so.