About Our `Complete by Phone` Option

Although our network of over 5,000 service providers covers all 50 states, sometimes we can’t provide a service provider to meet your employee at a reasonable cost. Or, maybe, you want to save money while still completing Form I-9 legally.

Fortunately, you have options. Form I-9 rules allow you to authorize anyone to represent you regardless of their licensing, experience, knowledge, training or any formal relationship with you or your new hire. Obviously, you want the form to be completed accurately and legally. Our “Complete by Phone” process ensures a problem-free, highly accurate Form I-9.

How Remote Form I-9 by Phone Works

When you authorize service, we send an email to your new hire to introduce us and explain how the process will move forward. We ask the employee to complete Section 1 before the call. We instruct the new hire to find someone within her circle of acquaintances to act as your “Authorized Representative.” That person can be a friend, neighbor, spouse or even a total stranger. We require the individual to be an adult and, obviously, not the employee herself.

The Phone Call

verify i-9 form i-9 specialist customer serviceThe employee will then schedule a phone appointment at a convenient time when the employee and Authorized Representative are together, face-to-face. During the call, our form specialist will review page 1 for accuracy, then guide the Authorized Representative in the review of identification documents and completion of Section 2.

We tell the Authorized Representative exactly what to write in each required field on page 2.

Your employee will return the completed form to you. Optionally, we can review and return a digital copy of the form and identification documents.

100% Legal and Accurate Form In Less Than Two Hours

In a rush to meet Form I-9 deadlines? Our “Form I-9 by Phone” option can solve your problem in less than two hours!

  • When you request service, your employee receives instructions immediately.
  • Your new hire can schedule the phone appointment as soon as one hour after receiving instructions.
  • The phone appointment lasts five to 15 minutes.
  • The employee can return a digital version of the completed form to you, or upload at our site for our immediate review and return.

With your employee’s cooperation, it is possible to receive an accurate and 100% legal Form I-9 in less than two hours.