We make remote Form I-9 easy!

Verifyi9’s remote I-9 service eliminates the headaches associated with completing Form I-9 for remote hires. A Verifyi9 Form I-9 Specialist will complete the form with the employee and the “Authorized Representative” quickly, correctly and legally during a phone-supervised face-to-face meeting.

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Call center operator completing Form I-9 for a new hire.

"What an unexpectedly pleasant experience - especially for filling out a government form! As someone who has worked for decades with immigrants to the U.S. and others whose life circumstances have put up barriers to accessing employment and official documentation, I think there is a great value in finding a friendly, welcoming voice on the other end of this particular call. I suspect that Michael has put a number of nervous folks at ease. Well done!"

Safe. Secure. Convenient.

We protect your new hire's personal information

*with your employee’s full cooperation
**via the “Review & Return” solution


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