Our remote I-9 verification service has solved the #1 onboarding problem facing growing businesses

Completing the I-9 verification for remote employees is one of the most difficult problems facing employers today. How do you complete Form I-9 for a new hire that you never meet face to face, or can’t meet because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) isolation?

Fortunately, Form I-9 rules give you the freedom to complete the form for a remote hire conveniently, correctly, and legally. Our verification service for remote employees leverages that flexibility to complete Form I-9 in a completely legal face-to-face meeting with your “authorized representative” as required by federal law. The result is an accurate and 100% legal Form I-9.

Take a deep breath and relax! We provide everything your new hire and authorized rep need… detailed instructions; a copy of Form I-9 and the lists of acceptable documents; and friendly and knowledgeable guidance to complete Form I-9 correctly and legally.

Your new hire will select the person who will act as your authorized representative from their circle of friends, family, and acquaintances.

Your new hire is instructed to download and print Form I-9, and complete Section 1. The employee will select the identification documents to be used and the person who will act as your authorized representative. Finally, the new hire will call to speak with a Verifyi9 I-9 Specialist.

During the call, our I-9 specialist will check Section 1 with the employee, then guide the representative to complete Section 2 and the Certification.

Your new hire receives instructions immediately after you request service. How quickly the form is completed depends almost entirely on your employee. The new hire can call us within minutes after you request service during normal work hours. On average, we can usually return a completed form in 3-5 days.

Still not convinced our phone-supervised solution is the best for you? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions

A better alternative to the temporary COVID-19 I-9 rules

Soon after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security announced that it would defer the requirement that the employer meet with a new hire, face to face, to view identification documents. The temporary rules allow employers to view the documents via a video call, fax or email, etc. and complete Form I-9 based on the document copies. The employer is required to enter “COVID-19” in the “Additional Information” field as the reason for the physical inspection delay.

The problem with completing the form under the relaxed rules is that they provide only a temporary fix… eventually, employers must meet with every employee whose form was completed under the rules to view identification documents in the employee’s presence and update the form. Employers won’t have months to get this done… the face to face viewing must happen within three days of the expiration of the COVID rules!

Rather than solve a problem, the DHS COVID-19 rules will create a logistical nightmare for many employers; especially higher-volume employers now that the relaxed rules have been in effect for more than nine months.

With our service,  employers can complete Form I-9 for COVID-isolated new hire, correctly and legally, at the time of hiring! The face to face meeting requirement is satisfied, eliminating the need to meet with the employee within three days after the COVID national emergency ends.