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Remote I-9 Verification Service

We Have Solved the #1 Problem Facing Growing Businesses!

Completing the I-9 verification for remote employees is one of the most difficult problems facing employers today. How do you complete Form I-9 for a new hire that you never see, and when federal regulations require a face-to-face meeting with your employee?

Onboarding of new hires and remote form i-9 completionOur verification service for remote employees connects your new hire with a vetted, experienced professional to complete Form I-9. Our service provider will complete Form I-9 in a completely legal face-to-face meeting, as required by federal law. The result is an accurate and legal Form I-9.

Lowest Cost Form I-9 Service

Our service is unique— we do not advertise a flat rate. Our goal is to complete Form I-9 for your remote hires at the lowest cost possible. Like other remote Form I-9 services we could charge a flat rate, but that would only guarantee that you would pay more than necessary. Request a free, no-obligation quote for service to see how we can complete your remote I9 verification quickly and inexpensively.

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