Our Remote I-9 Verification Service Has Solved the #1 Problem Facing Growing Businesses!

Completing the I-9 verification for remote employees is one of the most difficult problems facing employers today. How do you complete Form I-9 for a new hire that you never see, and when federal regulations require a face-to-face meeting with your employee?

Onboarding of new hires and remote form i-9 completionOur verification service for remote employees connects your new hire with a vetted, experienced professional to complete Form I-9. Our service provider will complete Form I-9 in a completely legal face-to-face meeting, as required by federal law. The result is an accurate and legal Form I-9.

Lowest Cost Form I-9 Service

Our service is unique— we do not advertise a flat rate. Our goal is to complete Form I-9 for your remote hires at the lowest cost possible. Like other remote Form I-9 services we could charge a flat rate, but that would only guarantee that you would pay more than necessary. Request a free, no-obligation quote for service to see how we can complete your remote I9 verification quickly and inexpensively.

Need an even LOWER COST or service COMPLETED TODAY?

Our “Complete by Phone” option produces a 100% legal form with the quickest turn-around…. possibly as quickly as three hours from your request for service (with your employee’s cooperation, of course). “Complete by Phone” is also the lowest cost solution for employers… as low as $50.

Need the “nuts and bolts”? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions