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We Have Solved the #1 Problem Facing Growing Businesses!

Onboarding remote hires and completing Form I-9 is one of the most difficult problems facing employers today. How do you complete Form I-9 for a new hire that you never see, and when federal regulations require a face-to-face meeting with your employee?

Form I-9 Verification for Remote Employees

Our verification service for remote employees connects your new hire with a vetted, experienced professional to complete Form I-9. The result is a 100% accurate and legal Form I-9.

  • Our flexible pricing provides the lowest possible cost to complete Form I-9.

  • Our experienced service provider will complete Form I-9 in a completely legal face-to-face meeting, as required by federal law.

  • We return to you an error-free Form I-9. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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