About Our `Complete by Phone` Option

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Although our network of over 5,000 service providers covers all 50 states, sometimes we can’t provide a service provider to meet your employee at a reasonable cost. Or, maybe, you want to save money while still completing Form I-9 legally.

Fortunately, you have options for completing the form correctly. Form I-9 rules allow you to authorize anyone to represent you regardless of their licensing, experience, knowledge, training or any formal relationship with you or your new hire. Obviously, you want the form to be completed accurately and legally. Our “Complete by Phone” process ensures a problem-free, highly accurate Form I-9.

How Remote Form I-9 by Phone Works

We send an email to your new hire to introduce us and explain how the process will move forward. We instruct the employee to complete Section 1 (ideally, before her first day of employment); then, to find someone within their circle of acquaintances to act as your “Authorized Representative.” That person can be a friend, neighbor, spouse or even a total stranger. We require the individual to be an adult and, obviously, not the employee herself.

The employee will then schedule a phone appointment at a convenient time when the employee and Authorized Representative can be together, face-to-face. The employee will speak to an in-house form specialist who will review page 1 for accuracy, then guide the Authorized Representative in the review of identification documents and completion of Section 2.

We tell the Authorized Representative exactly what to write in each required field on page 2.

Your employee is responsible for returning the completed form to you. Optionally, you can choose to have us review and return a digital copy of the form and identification documents.

100% Legal and Accurate Form In Less Than Two Hours

In a rush to meet Form I-9 deadlines? Our “Form I-9 by Phone” option solves your problem in less than two hours!

  • When you request service, your employee receives instructions immediately;
  • Your new hire can schedule the phone appointment as soon as one hour after receiving instructions;
  • The phone appointment lasts five to 15 minutes;
  • The employee can return a digital version of the completed form to you, or upload at our site for our immediate review and return.
Request Form I-9 Phone Completion – $50

Great question! Consider this… you’re hiring a remote employee; someone with whom you cannot meet to complete Form I-9. You cannot:

  • Have the employee complete Section 2 for you;
  • Have the employee email document copies and complete Section 2 yourself;
  • “Meet” with the employee by webcam, Skype, screen share or other online method;

To complete Section 2 of the form legally, your employee must meet, face to face, with someone.

Here’s why our “Form I-9 by Phone” process is the best solution:

1. The “face to face” meeting requirement is satisfied. The Section 2 Certification must be signed by the person who personally reviewed the employee’s original identification documents while in the presence of the employee. That person need not have any particular skills, knowledge nor experience.

2. You don’t want to manage the process yourself. We will spend 15-20 minutes on the phone with your employee and the person acting as your “Authorized Representative.” That’s time that you probably can’t spare.

3. You want to ensure that the form is completed correctly. We tell your employee and the Authorized Representative exactly what to write in each field. When they are guided by one of our in-house form specialists, your employee’s friend, neighbor or spouse becomes your experienced and knowledgeable representative.

4. You want to maintain control of the process. Form I-9 rules hold you, the employer, fully responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the form. A defective form can cost your company $250 to $2,500 if you’re ever audited. Why would you entrust such an important responsibility to an unsupervised, potentially (Form I-9) ignorant, complete stranger?

The bottom line is that you’re paying for our expertise. You’re paying to ensure that the form is completed legally and correctly; to minimize the potential for thousands of dollars in fines for a defective form.

Yes, the way we complete Form I-9 via a phone consultation is completely legal and complies with Form I-9 regulations regarding the duties of the “Authorized Representative.” The Department of Homeland Security does not require the authorized representative to be your employee, or to have any specific agreement with you or us.  The DHS does not require that the authorized representative have any specific training, licensing, knowledge or experience. Your representative is not even required to be an adult (although we require it).

The only requirement is that the person authorized to represent you must personally view the identification documents, while meeting with your new hire, to ensure that they reasonably appear to be genuine and to relate to your new hire. They must also ensure that the documents are, where relevant, not expired and are found in the “Lists of Acceptable Documents.” The individual will sign the form Certification, swearing that they personally viewed identification documents, as required by law.

Many employers mistakenly believe that the employee must meet with a Notary Public. Your new hire is not required to complete the form with a notary or any other particular official. Even if completed by a notary, the Notary Public acts as your authorized representative, not as a notary. As evidence, they are not allowed to place their notary seal on the form.