Meeting Checklist

Meeting Checklist

This checklist will guide you through the completion of Form I-9 for a new employee. (If you need guidance for a Section 3 reverification, contact us.) The information for some fields will be found in our task assignment email. Download a PDF of this checklist

Page 1 (employee complete)

____ Review Section 1 of the form. The employee must enter their first and last name; address; date of birth; and Social Security number. (The Social Security number is optional in most situations. If the employee refuses to enter their SSN, however, call us immediately.)

____ The employee must select a citizenship status. If a lawful permanent resident or an “alien authorized to work,” they must enter additional information.

____ The employee must sign and date Section 1.

____ Did you complete any field in Section 1 for the employee? You must complete the “Preparer and/or Translator Certification” section on Page 1

IMPORTANT: The employee must write something in every field at the top of Section 1. If the employee does not write, for example, her email address, phone number or “other last names used,” have her write “N/A” in those fields.

Page 2 (you complete)

____ Write the employee’s name in the appropriate fields in the “Employee Info from Section 1” area at the top of Section 2 on Page 2.

____ In the “Citizenship/Immigration Status” field, write the number that matches the citizenship status selected by the employee in Section 1. For example, if the employee selected “citizen of the U.S.,” write the number “1”. For “lawful permanent resident,” the number “3”.

____ Describe the documents presented by the employee in the correct column of Section 2 of Form I-9. Include the document name, issuing authority, document number (if available), and expiration date (if available). See the “Lists of Acceptable Documents” for which documents to accept and in which column to describe them.

____ Enter “the employee’s first day of employment” from our email in the field just under the bold “Certification” paragraph under the three columns.

____ Sign and date the “Certification” area of Section 2

____ Write “Authorized Representative” in the “Title of Employer…” field

____ Print your name in the name fields on the second line

____ In the “Employer’s Business or Organization Name”, write the employer’s name from our email

____ Write the employer’s address from our email in the third row of boxes in the Certification area

____ Unless our email advises otherwise, copy the front and back of identification documents (you should not copy blank pages or the cover of a passport).

____ Keep the original form pages to be returned according to our assignment email. (Exception: If the assignment email requires “Employee Return,” you will not copy identification documents and return the two pages of the form to the employee.)

____ See our email for instructions on how to return completed documents and request payment.

Download a PDF of this checklist

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