What Is the `Maximum Recommended Quote`?

What Is the `Maximum Recommended Quote`?

We don’t tell you what to charge, but we also don’t tell you everything we know about a particular service request. So, when we see quotes for service that are way too high and will never be accepted by our client employer, we wish there was a way to give you a “hint” at what would be a charge that could win the task.

Thus, the “Maximum Recommended Quote.”

Going forward, most “Request for Quote” emails to you will include a maximum recommended quote. Some reasons that we might include an “MRQ” are:

  • The service request is from the employee (who, historically, will not pay very much) and there isn’t a “Come to Me” ASP in the area;
  • We have an agreement with the client employer that establishes a set cost in return for processing all of their remote hires;
  • We know, from experience, that the client employer will reject quotes above a certain level.

You are welcome to quote a service charge higher than the MRQ (and should, if necessary… don’t lose money!). As before, we will submit the lowest quote for service to our client employer, even if it is above the MRQ. But keep in mind that service quotes above the MRQ are, in our experience, unlikely to be accepted.

If you have questions about the “Maximum Recommended Quote,” please contact us.