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Requesting a Quote

The truth is that our costs (and the costs of our competitors!) can vary, and for many different reasons. Location, time of the year, holidays, weather, your deadline, our network coverage– all can affect cost from day to day. Like other remote Form I-9 services, we could charge a flat rate but that would only guarantee that you would pay more than necessary for Form I-9 completion. Our process makes a lot of sense for employers who are concerned about the cost of hiring a remote employee.

Our unique process guarantees that you receive the lowest possible cost for each remote Form I-9 verification.

We need minimal information to get started — your new hire’s location by zip code, your desired form return method, and how quickly you need the task to be completed. We need a little contact info from you, like your name and email address. And we’ll ask for the employee’s name, just to make it easier to find your service request in our system in case you have a question. We don’t need contact info for your employee until you accept our quote.

While we begin working on your quote request immediately, we may take from a few hours to a couple days to respond (by email) with a quote. If you’ve given us enough lead time, you don’t want us to rush! The more time we have to work on your quote request, the lower your cost can be.

Quote requests are free and you are under no obligation to accept our quote.  That said, please do not submit a fictitious request just to “try it out.” You will find the answers you need in this FAQ. And if you don’t, ask us.

There is no monthly fee nor long-term contract. In fact, there’s no contract at all! You can use our service as often or as little as you like.

We ask that, for the first two or three service requests, you try us out by using the quote request form. Once you are confident that our service can meet your needs, we can set up a couple of processes to streamline your remote Form I-9 verification:

1. Invoicing: Rather than paying by credit card on a case-by-case basis, we can invoice you for completed verifications. After we’ve gotten to know each other (through two or three verifications), ask about this option.

2. Custom Submission Process: For higher-volume employers, we can set up a custom submission form. We still want you to receive the lowest possible cost for each new hire, but we can eliminate repetitive data entry. This works well with invoicing.

The Verification Process

To accept our quote, you will give us contact info for the employee and a little more info for the form, like your address and the employee’s start date. We will begin working on your Form I-9 verification immediately. Your employee receives an email that introduces us; explains what is about to happen and why; and tells them what they can do to speed up the process. At almost the same time, the assigned service provider receives detailed instructions and your employee’s contact info.

Finally, we send the service provider’s contact info to your employee so that they know from whom to expect a phone call.

Your employee and our service provider will agree on a time and location to complete the form. While most remote hires will choose to meet at a mutually-convenient public location, our service provider can travel to your employee’s residence, if necessary.

How quickly we can process your remote hire depends on several factors. Much of our process is automated; for example, when you accept the quote your employee and our service provider receive their  instructions immediately. The time to completion is most affected by:

  • How quickly you accept our quote;
  • How quickly your employee responds to our service provider’s attempts to schedule a meeting.

While we have completed remote hire Form I-9 verifications in just a few hours, the usual time to completion is three to seven days. Because of the variables in the process, we cannot guarantee completion by a specific date, so request service as soon as possible.

You may have more time than you know! Form I-9 can be completed any time on or between the date that the employee accepts the position and:

  • Section 1 – by the end of the first day of work for pay;
  • Section 2 – by the end of the third day after the first day of work for pay

You should request a quote as soon as you have offered and the employee has accepted the position. The employee can complete Section 1 as soon as she accepts the position, even if days before the meeting with our provider to complete Section 2.

Also, the dates on the form relate to the date that the sections are completed; not when the form reaches your hands.

E-Verify: An employee must be submitted for verification by the end of the third day after the first day of work for pay. If you participate in E-Verify, request “Digital Download”, which is the fastest form return option.

Tip: Request a quote as early as possible! The more time you give us, the more time we can work with our service providers to give you the lowest possible cost.

(Note: The employee has the right to present identification documents as late as the end of the third day after the first day of work for pay. Most employees are able to complete the form before their start date, and our service provider will not set a meeting to complete the form without confirming that the employee is ready and able to do so.)

The Form

The Form I-9 for your remote hire will be completed in a face-to-face meeting at which our service provider will personally view and record your new hire’s original, unexpired and valid identification documents. We do not take shortcuts.

We offer several form return options:

  • Secure Digital Download
  • Regular (First Class) Mail
  • Certified Mail
  • Digital Download & Regular Mail
  • Digital Download & Certified Mail
  • Employee Return
  • Onboarding Portal

Which return option you select depends, primarily, on two factors — whether or not you participate in E-Verify® and how you retain Form I-9.

  • If you store Form I-9 on paper, you are required to retain the original form. Request a mail return option.
  • If you participate in E-Verify®, you have an additional deadline to meet. Request a Digital Download return, the fastest option.
  • If you keep the form on paper and participate in E-Verify®, request a combination return (mail and download).
  • If you want to ensure that the returned form is accurate, request a Digital Download for the form to go through our in-house review.
  • If your employee will upload the completed form to a portal, request Employee Return.

While we do not charge extra for any specific return option, our service providers will consider the hard cost of mailing. Employee Return and Digital Download tend to result in a lower verification cost.

Completing Form I-9 correctly isn’t “rocket science,” but errors can happen. Before we return the form, our in-house Form I-9 specialists review for accuracy and completeness (digital return only). But even if the form comes to you directly by mail, tell us if you find an error and we will make it right or show you how to do so. Not all corrections require action by our service provider; we’ll tell you if the error is one that you can more conveniently correct yourself.

Form I-9 rules make the employer solely responsible for Form I-9 errors and omissions by its Authorized Representative. Employers are authorized to correct the errors and omissions of its remote Authorized Representative that are not covered by the Section 2 attestation (personal examination of identification documents). Variations in formatting (dates, for example) are allowed as long as the data entered can be understood. Common abbreviations are allowed. Certain omissions (for example, not writing “N/A” in an otherwise blank field) are not necessarily errors.

For these and other reasons, we do not provide a guarantee but a promise — if you find required information missing from Section 1 or an error related to the personal review of identification documents — in other words, an error or omission that only your representative in the field can correct — our service provider will correct it. For all other errors, we will help you identify the best way to correct, or explain why it isn’t an error at all.

If you are already enrolled in E-Verify®, you have an additional deadline to meet (within three days after the employee begins work for pay). We will return the completed form for you to verify. You should request a Digital Download return, either alone or in combination with return of the original form by mail, to have a better chance of meeting the E-Verify® deadline.

If you are not yet enrolled in E-Verify®, we can help! We can complete the remote Form I-9 verification and E-Verify®. Learn more about our E-Verify® service.

(Note: An employer can have only one E-Verify® account. We cannot process E-Verify® for your remote hires while you verify local hires.)

Yes, our service providers can review identification documents and record them in your onboarding portal for Form I-9. Very often, however, the attempt to do so fails because of security restrictions. You should first ensure that you can create a guest account for our service provider or provide a one-time login URL. Second, you must ensure that the onboarding portal is not “locked down” to prevent access from outside of your offices.

The Bottom Line

What makes our service unique is our flexible pricing and process for finding you the lowest possible cost. The truth is that our costs (and the costs of our competitors!) can vary, and for many different reasons. Like our competitors we could charge a flat rate (and save ourselves a lot of work!) but that would only guarantee that you would pay more than necessary for Form I-9 completion. Our process makes a lot of sense for employers who are concerned about the cost of hiring a remote employee.

Historically, we have returned quotes of between $40 and $140, with the national average being around $89. Quotes above $100 are unusual. The cost of our service is trending downward as we improve processes and expand our service network.

While we would love to service your “volume,” our pricing model doesn’t lend itself to volume discounting because you are already getting the lowest cost that we can provide. If we had set, “volume pricing” that could be discounted, we would be overcharging our client employers!

If you insist… if stability in pricing is needed for budgeting/forecasting, we can establish a contract price that will be just above the current average cost of remote verifications. If minimizing cost is a priority, we don’t recommend contract pricing because we are always finding ways to reduce costs. However, if stability in pricing is a higher priority, we are happy to provide this option. Keep in mind, “contract” pricing doesn’t usually reduce your cost, but averages it. It also eliminates the opportunity for seasonal or geographical cost savings.

If you have paid for a verification and subsequently cancel because the employee decided not to work for you, or even if you found a way to do it yourself, we will gladly refund your payment in the form of a coupon code which can be used to reduce the cost of a future verification. That said, we need to take care of our service providers. If you cancel after your employee was a “no show” or met with the service provider but couldn’t complete the form, we will reduce the coupon code by a nominal amount.

If you cancel after the form is completed, there can be no refund. (Because Form I-9 cannot be completed until after the employee is hired and you are required to retain the form for all employees, you are required to keep any form that we complete for three years, even if the employee never actually worked for pay.)

We Can Do It!

When you acquire another business, you have a choice regarding the status of the acquired employees:

  • Treat the acquired employees as new employees of your company and complete new Forms I-9 for all;
  • Treat the acquired employees as continuing in employment, by obtaining and maintaining the existing Forms I-9.

Employers who choose to keep the previously completed Form I-9 accept responsibility for any errors or omissions on those forms. We recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to start fresh with a new, correct form.

If the employees are located in one location or will attend orientation sessions, we can provide experienced personnel to complete new forms on-site.

Yes, we can! An incorrect form can cost your company $2,500 or more in penalties if discovered in a government audit. With USCIS I-9 audits on the rise and now that the Monitoring & Compliance Division is requesting Forms I-9 as part of their less-formal “desk review,” you’re just playing the odds if you don’t address known problems now. We can correct forms for both remote and on-site employees.

Not sure if your current forms are correct? Ask about our Form I-9 audit service!

Yes, we can provide experienced personnel to assist in the completion of Form I-9 at your mass hiring event. Are you a manufacturer adding a new shift, or a movie production company hiring extras for a day? We can complete Form I-9 for your new hires on-site. Contact us

Most employers use our service on an “as needed” basis…. from the occasional remote hire to 3-10 a week. But our service is flexible enough to respond to the most unusual needs.

Acquisition — A single service provider completed approximately 40 forms in California for a Michigan-based automotive finance company. The forms were completed over a three-day period, at the acquired company’s office.

Acquisition — A Massachusetts-based home healthcare provider acquired a multi-location company in Texas. Four service providers completed over 150 forms during a four-day period in three different cities. The forms were completed during “new employee” orientation sessions. We subsequently completed 160 additional forms for employees who missed the orientation.

Error Remediation — A North Carolina specialty foods company hired us to correct forms for 25 remote employees when an audit revealed serious violations of Form I-9 rules.

Remote Hires & E-Verify — A California cybersecurity firm solved two problems with one simple solution when they hired us to process Form I-9 for their remote hires and verify their work authorization through E-Verify, at one low cost. More about our E-Verify service

Other Stuff

Verify I-9, LLC started 11 years ago as a home-based, family business. We pride ourselves on prompt, personal service. When you call, a live person answers the phone… and it’s usually one of the owners or a high-level manager who can answer your questions quickly or make a decision. If we’re really busy and you get voicemail, please leave a message; we always call back! You can also contact us by email, our contact form or via live chat.

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