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Who Is Issued This Document?


Sometimes a new hire may present a document that doesn't seem correct for their declared citizenship status. A mismatched [...]

Who Is Issued This Document?2018-08-02T12:13:24+00:00

About List A Document Numbers


About Document Numbers: For most List A documents, the document number will be obvious. For a Permanent Resident [...]

About List A Document Numbers2018-08-02T12:18:40+00:00

Meeting Checklist


This checklist will guide you through the completion of Form I-9 for a new employee. (If you need guidance [...]

Meeting Checklist2018-08-04T11:17:49+00:00

Pre-filling Section 1


The latest version of Form I-9 is a "fillable" PDF, increasing the temptation to pre-fill portions of Section 1, the [...]

Pre-filling Section 12018-02-03T23:33:45+00:00

How to Create PDFs in Windows


Many service providers are using their cell phones to do business these days. While convenient, the phone is not [...]

How to Create PDFs in Windows2018-02-03T23:35:39+00:00

What Is the `Maximum Recommended Quote`?


We don't tell you what to charge, but we also don't tell you everything we know about a particular service [...]

What Is the `Maximum Recommended Quote`?2018-02-03T23:35:54+00:00

Document Return Options Explained


Verifyi9 offers our client employers several different methods for returning completed documents to them. This article explains each [...]

Document Return Options Explained2018-02-03T23:36:40+00:00

How to Set Up Electronic Return


This article describes how to set up your smartphone or tablet and your desktop and/or laptop to return [...]

How to Set Up Electronic Return2018-08-10T16:02:24+00:00

What Should I Charge?


This is the most common question that we receive, especially from new Approved Service Providers-- what amount should I [...]

What Should I Charge?2018-02-03T23:34:07+00:00

Remote Employees & Form I-9


Completing employment paperwork including the I-9 form for a remote employee is always difficult. Federal law requires the [...]

Remote Employees & Form I-92018-10-04T11:17:36+00:00