Our “Complete by Phone” option makes a great service better!

Verifyi9’s remote I-9 service already solves a critical problem for employers who hire remote employees. Through our extensive network of independent service providers, we can complete Form I-9 for remote hires in all 50 states.

As you probably know, though, the person who completes page 2 of Form I-9 does not have to have any specific training, knowledge, expertise, licensing or relationship to the employer. Your “Authorized Representative” is not required to be a Notary Public, nor even an adult! [Source] Form I-9 rules only require that the person who signs the Certification section of page 2 must be the person who personally views identification documents in the presence of the new hire.

The myth that Form I-9 must be completed by a Notary Public or an unrelated and disinterested third party has cost employers thousands and caused unnecessary headaches. Obviously, you want the form to be completed accurately and legally. Our “Complete by Phone” process leverages the flexibility that form rules give you to produce a problem-free, highly accurate Form I-9.

Our Form I-9 specialists will complete the form with your new hire correctly and legally.

Why you should choose “Complete by Phone” for your next remote hire

The “Complete by Phone” option provides a number of benefits over remote completion by any other method, including our own service provider network:

  • The Section 2 Certification is signed by the person who personally reviews the employee’s original identification documents while in a face-to-face meeting with the employee, producing a 100% legal form;
  • Errors are minimized on the front end as our in-house form specialist checks page 1 with the employee, then tells the Authorized Representative what to write in every required field on page 2 (based on the ID presented by the employee). Your employee’s friend, neighbor or spouse becomes your experienced and knowledgeable representative;
  • It is more convenient for the employee, who can usually find a qualified Authorized Representative within their circle of friends or family (we require a competent adult). The employee can schedule the phone call at a time convenient for them;
  • You save money. The cost is $50 ($65 if the form is reviewed post-completion and returned by us); in contrast to the average $90 cost of service through our service provider network (and as high as $250 through our competitors);
  • You save time. When you schedule service, your new remote hire receives instructions immediately. The employee can schedule the phone appointment with a Form I-9 specialist as soon as one hour after receiving instructions. With your employee’s cooperation, it is possible for a completely legal and correct form to be returned to you in less than two hours.

You can read more about how our new “Complete by Phone” option works here.

This solution isn’t new… but ours is better!

Our phone-supervised solution is not a different type of “completion by authorized representative” but a value-added solution. Many vendors offer a variant of this process; in the industry, it’s known as “friend-neighbor-spouse.” We manage the entire process from start to finish so that you don’t have to. And we supervise the face-to-face meeting to ensure that the form is completed correctly and legally.

Several employers have already made “Complete by Phone” their primary process, but it’s also an economical solution for special situations. For example, we recently completed 80 forms by phone for an employer who needed to quickly and conveniently correct serious errors discovered in a self-audit.

Now available for new hires!

The employer is responsible for completing Form I-9 correctly. Federal rules hold the employer, not the employee, responsible for missed deadlines and form errors. But even if you send your new hires “into the wild” to complete Form I-9 on their own, you can be assured that the form they return is complete and accurate by referring them to this solution.